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Has Social Media Helped Hollywood?

Yes! Social media has helped Hollywood in a few different ways- reaching out to an audience, promoting viewer participation in the film-making, and general advertising being just a few. The most obvious way that social media has helped Hollywood is by allowing them to advertise to a more specific target audience. In other words, a movie is now able to market directly towards the kinds of people that the movie was made for. For example, a new sci-fi film could market towards sci-fi fans by tagging their posts on Twitter with words like “sci-fi” “film” “aliens” etc.

Then, people who are interested in those topics will look at those tags on the website and see the movie’s posts. This kind of specific advertising allows the film to save money and helps generate interest in the film within the targeted community. The target audience has even been able to get involved with the film through interactions with the film-makers on social media sites. For example, the sci-fi film mentioned earlier could ask whether viewers like aliens or robots more in a film. Then, when the audience chooses either aliens or robots, the film can put the winner in the movie. This would virtually guarantee more interest in their film than if they had gone with the less popular idea. By targeting a specific audience and asking for their participation in the film, Hollywood has been able to use social media to stir interest in their films.

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