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"Midnight Rider" Crew Member Killed on Set

Thursday February 20 in Jesup, GA near Savannah the crew for upcoming film Midnight Rider was filming. Directed by Randall Miller, this film includes a dream sequence in which the sleeping character’s bed is atop of train tracks. Before the crew began filming, they were warned that the train tracks are in use and that they should expect two trains to come through during the time they planned to be shooting. Under this warning, the film began shooting on the train trestle. As expected, two trains went by during the shoot. However, the crew was not expecting a third train.

The train whistled one minute before it approached, warning anyone in the area to get out of the way. Although everyone was able to avoid the train itself, the bed that was being used for the scene was not so lucky. The bed shattered into pieces and sent debris flying. Sarah Jones, 27, was hit by one of the biggest pieces of debris and was killed upon impact. The young left camera assistant was not the only one to be struck by debris; 7 other members of the crew were injured but not killed by hurtling bed pieces. At least one member had to be airlifted away from the site to a local hospital.

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