• Nicola breslauer

Super Fly Remake Comes to Georiga

A new Super Fly remake has made its way to Georgia.

It's official: Columbia Pictures and Sony are doing a remake of Super Fly, and production has already begun in Georgia. The original crime drama, a blaxploitation cult classic first released in 1972, made such a distinct mark on the American cultural landscape that it is even credited with the country's original boom in custom-car appreciation. Alex Tse, best known for his work on Watchmen, will pen the script; Joel Silver and Sony exec Palak Patel will produce. The cast, however, has not yet been secured. In the original film, the lead role of Priest Youngblood--a man bent on pulling off one last deal before retiring from the drug trade--was played to iconic perfection by Ron O'Neal. Keep an eye out for local casting calls via Oz Magazine's Wix and Facebook pages.

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