Coca-Cola Launches Digital Docuseries

Coca-Cola takes a taste of reality TV by launching a digital docuseries

Atlanta is home to corporate giant, Coca-Cola, who is now diving into a new media realm with its new attempt at a docuseries. The online shorts are aimed at the new generation of young people, and follows a group of friends spending their last summer together before college. Of course, the brands beverages make appearances in their social activities throughout the series, but it is not a forced part of the promotion. The episodes are 10 minutes long, and the series has been titled One Last Summer. The first two episodes were released on their YouTube channel in early July, and received 70,000 views for the first installment and about 13,000 for the second. The videos hope to enhance their "Share a Coke" campaign for the summer through digital outreach. The series is in response to reports that viewership of digital materials has increased by over 50% since 2013. Teens are an important demographic to the company, and the company will be closely monitoring the effectiveness of longer form video. Success of the project could lead to more filming by the company here in Atlanta, and more business to local film companies.



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