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BronzeLens Festival Releases Selections

The BronzeLens Film Festival has revealed this years selections

The ninth annual BronzeLens Film Festival takes place between August 22-28th. The event focuses on people of color within the industry, highlighting their work and empowering those on the rise. There will be workshops, master classes, an awards show, and of course, amazing screenings. Below is the list of this years selections for screening, just announced by the BronzeLens team.

DOCUMENTARY Don't Be Nice Show Me Democracy The Possibility of Her Two Deaths United Skates FEATURE 1 Angry Black Man Jinn Shot Clock ATL The Broken Rose The Meek When The Well Runs Dry INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY A Great Day in Paris Cimarronaje en Panama Familiar Faces/Unexpected Places: A Global African Diaspora For Humanity: Culture, Community and Maroonage Longing For Skulls The Mayor's Race INTERNATIONAL FEATURE Isoken INTERNATIONAL SHORT DOCUMENTARY Restoring Focus MUSIC VIDEO Lay Over: The Visual Together Why Us You Think You Know SHORT A Brave Face A Father's Love Aged Out An Act of Terror An Ode to Harold Anna BlacKorea Charcoal Dishonour Distorted DUALITY Emmett Still Grace In My Father's Name INSTANCE Ireti KINGS Kyenvu Lalo's House Little K Myself When I Am Real Nana Roxie's Revenge On Monday of Last Week Other Parallax Paris Blues In Harlem Pony Social Conflict Something Bigger The Campbell:Traders Gangsters and Robots The Counter: 1960 The Talk Training Wheels Turtle vs. Octopus Under Ur Mines Vesey's Resistance Vici Wale We Have Our Ways SHORT DOCUMENTARY Brooks People Hale Let My People Vote Mr. Gele: The Man. The Story. The Craft STUDENT Ablution Black & Blue Discharge Keeton Olson For HOA President: A Mild Inconvenience Mama I Wanna March Man In Focus Mid-City Blue Night Call Olde E Riverment Sight Valerie Morgan: TV Qualified Zenith WEBISODE I Am Not Charlotte Otis Single and Anxious

For tickets and schedules please visit www.bronzelens.com

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