New Syfy Pilot To Film in Atlanta and Feature the Star of Entourage

The new AI themed Syfy show will star Adrian Grenier and film in Atlanta

Entourage fans are excite to hear that Adrian Grenier has returned to Atlanta for the filming of a new Syfy original pilot. Grenier stars as the father of a a barely teenage video game expert, who gets implanted with special technology. Sydney Morton will also be a regular cast member on the show, acting as an NSA operative named Bridgette, who has insider knowledge about AI technology. An array of conflict arises with the great debate over AI and technology with the characters right in the middle of the controversy.

The working title is Cipher, being written by Allison Miller in collaboration with Universal Content Productions and Rough House Pictures. The production team has already stopped by the Oz Publishing office, so we know it is now in the works locally.



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