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CIMFest offers a great mix of game development livestreams and videos for June 6, including some of your favorite SIEGE speakers as well as rising stars in game design.

Award-winning comic book and game writer Paul Jenkins keynotes CIMFest with "Creating a Successful Game Franchise". Join him to look at what goes into creating not just a successful game, but a successful IP that can exist in many media forms. Other sessions include:

Karen Williams, First Year in the Industry Joe Cassavaugh, Post Morterm of 10 Clutter Games in 10 Years Mary McCormick, Player Motivation in Video Games Zane Everett, DOTS: An Intro to Unity’s Performance by Default Framework Patrick Durbin, Art of Multiplayer Game Design Simon Hoffiz, Level Design: Affordances, Signifiers, & Player Cognitive Load Anthony Obando, Computer Science Education Ask Me Anything

Anthony Obando has requested people submit questions about teaching and computer science before June 6. You can do so HERE.

If you are interested in taking part in the CIMFest2020 Indie Rants (this year’s theme is “Anger Motivation Rants) please contact Rod Obando at rrobando89@gmail.com. We will also have a Discord networking channel for all our virtual attendees.

You can see some past CIMFest presentations here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpcMokBfapQDoBPXem10LjudoMhNgOf2D

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