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This June and July, Atlanta's premiere sketch comedy company decided to move forward with their summer camp virtually. Sketchworks Comedy held their camps, which offer sketch comedy writing, acting and video production, over Zoom.

Camp instructors came together in May with Education Director Maria Liatis to discuss how they would movie forward with teaching virtually. "Our summer camps are a lot of fun and very active for the campers," Liatis said.

Normally, the camps would be held at Village Theatre in the Old 4th Ward. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year's camp instructors will have to learn to adapt.

"We don't have a theatre to teach stage acting," said acting coach Kirsten Krehbiel. "What we do have is faces on a screen. And so the focus will be on faces, voices, and certain physicalities."

This summer, the camps will include a new element as well – video production. "Video and editing are very conducive to be taught online," said coach Tom von Dohlen. "I envision it as almost filmmaking 101 but with a smartphone."

If you'd like more information about Sketchworks Comedy, click HERE.

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