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DreamHack, the world's premiere gaming lifestyle festival, has postponed its Atlanta festival to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The festival was scheduled for November, and this would have been its fourth year in the city.

"The goal for all of us at DreamHack is to provide great experiences at our events, which thrive by bringing communities together for these shared and beloved festival weekends all around the globe," said Marcus Lindmark, co-CEO of DreamHack. "We have never had to postpone events like this before – but these are extraordinary times, and the safety of our attendees and staff has never been more important than now."

Atlanta's festival was not the only one affected by the pandemic. Other DreamHack festivals in the cities of Rotterdam, Hyderabad, Winter and Madrid were also postponed. The complete schedule of new dates for 2021 will be released on DreamHack's website later this year.

Based out of Sweden, DreamHack festivals feature activities such as esports tournaments, cosplay, film screenings, panels, and more. To replace the hole left by the festival, DreamHack has been offering online programming such as esports events, podcasts, game shows and others.

To view the press release in its entirety, click HERE.

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